ReDo surgery of the ascending aorta 15 years after primary aortic valve replacement

  • 55 y/o Caucasian man was admitted for elective surgical treatment.
  • 15 y/a he was operated on due to aortic valve replacement .
  • St Jude mechanical valve #27 (AV) was implanted.
  • Acs.Ao (AA) was estimated as slightly elevated and left intact.
  • MSCT scan measured 64mm in ascending aorta and 43mm in the region of the ST junction.
  • Other surgical structures including previously implanted mechanical valve were normal.
  • ReDo surgery was scheduled. Asc.Ao was resected and replaced with Gelwave straight woven vascular graft (Vascutek prosthesis #32).
  • Pt was released from the hospital on PO day#10 w/o complications.

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